Top 5 Cakes You Can Gift Kids On Their Birthday

Kids mean the world to us. We want to shower the whole world’s love on them and want to make them feel special just the way they are. Their happiness means so much to parents and kids who take their birthday so seriously; it is the duty of every parent to get the perfect cake on their birthday.

We have customized our cake for kids in that way only. We have a wide range of cakes for children in different and almost every flavor. Let’s have a look at a variety of cakes available with us for your kids on their special day:

KitKat Cake

Kitkat is the favorite chocolate of kids; not kids, even adults love KitKat. You can gift KitKat cake to kids on their birthday filled with KitKat chocolates.

We have used colorful gems on top of the KitKat cake to decorate it. Along with decoration, gems make this cake more delicious. We provide an online facility to order cake online in Chandigarh to send this cake to your doorstep quickly.

The Most Trending Oreo Cake

Oreos are love for kids. You can gift your kid the Oreo cake, and make his day more delightful and full of chocolate. Such delicious cakes are on trending nowadays. It is one of the coolest ideas to give gifts to children. Moreover, it is made of a double layer of chocolate.

Oreo biscuits are the favorite of kids and when they hear about Oreo cakes, it will double their excitement for sure. You must give it a try, and the happiness you are going to see on your kid’s face after eating this stunning Oreo cake will be irreplaceable.

Creamy Vanilla Fruit Cake

If you want your children conscious about health and if your children love fruits, you can give them a creamy love fruit cake with crunchy fruit extract, which provides it with a royal taste.

Creamy vanilla fruit cake is not just delicious but along with taste, it is super healthy for your body. We have added a variety of fruits to this cake such as strawberries, bananas, kiwi fruit, and so on. If your kid is a fruit lover, he or she will love this cake. We are sure you will recommend this cake to your friends or family after buying it.

Caramel Creamy Cake Which Tastes Like Heaven

Who doesn’t love caramel, especially children? Nothing can be extraordinary than this creamy caramel cake which tastes like heaven. After eating this cake you will never forget its taste, its taste will always be in your heart and mind.

We have garnished it with cocoa powder and some pieces of truffle. If you are willing to send a cake to your cousin, you can send the cake to Delhi by ordering online at our website and cannot miss this appreciable cake as a gift for your loved ones. It would help if you gave it a try to this gorgeous creamy vanilla cake.

Mango Cake

The mango season has come, so why eat mangoes raw? We have made the special mango cake in heavy demand. Mango is the favorite food of kids, and mango is also the king of all fruits. Our mango cake is in white and yellow, which makes it look more gorgeous, and is made with flour without eggs. If your kid is a mango lover, you should give him or her this delightful mango cake full of whipped cream.

This cake’s edges are covered with mango slices, which increase its taste even more, and it is garnished with raw mango extracts and mango jellies. The taste of this birthday mango cake is super delicious.

Cakes tell us that we can properly celebrate the day. Kids think their birthday is incomplete without cake, if you are giving a special cake to kids on their birthday it will double their happiness.

Surprise your kid on his or her birthday by gifting his or her favorite cartoon character cake. Kids don’t get excited about the cake’s looks, but they get excited even for its taste. So it would help if you chose the yummiest cake according to your kid’s taste from the list mentioned above of kids’ cakes.


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