Why Should You Wear Compression Tights While Training?

Compression tights are exactly what the name suggests. They compress your leg muscles and keep them tight and firm throughout the exercise. They are considered as a tool to regulate the flow of blood in your muscles which enhances exercise results. Another common observation is that compression shorts also help the muscles to recover fast after exercise. Athletes and gym-goers particularly prefer to wear compression tights in the spring and summer seasons when they are working with high intensity to shed as much fat as they can from over their muscles. The article aims to provide an insight as to why the experts recommend wearing these specially designed tights during and after exercise.

Although there is a lack of consensus regarding the effectiveness of compression clothing in terms of blood circulation in muscles and performance enhancement during a workout, it is commonly believed that compression tights enable the muscles to recover faster after exercise.

They are particularly useful to relax the muscles after weight and resistance training. However, there is a school of thought in fitness trainers who believe that compression clothing does not provide much help in static exercises such as weight lifting. On the contrary, they think that such tights are designed more for dynamic activities such as aerobics and running. Muscles vibrate with a certain tendency according to the environment and movement.

For Example:

If you are running on a soft platform such as grass then the muscles might get less vibration. Contrarily, if you are running on a hard surface then the muscles jiggle more, work harder, and shockwaves travel faster throughout your system. Muscles tune accordingly. The more they tune, the more they become prone to injuries and soreness as they produce more byproducts like lactic acid that accelerate injuries. Compression tights minimize the vibration and jiggle, which decreases the production of metabolic byproducts that makes your muscles prone to wear and tear.

According to a review of 12 studies by PubMed, a reputed medical website, compression garments provide a reasonable improvement in muscle recovery. Experts say that compression tights boost the supply of oxygen to the muscles which helps in removing lactic acid from them. Compression tights also support the hamstrings during exercise that involves intense leg movement such as stretching, flexing, and sprinting. The tights and socks that compress the lower parts of leg muscles reduce exertion which is necessary to avoid swelling and soreness in muscles.

Even if all the above theories are cliche, which according to experts are not, the psychological effect of wearing compression tights and feeling your muscles compressed and in your control is more than enough reason to wear them during the exercise. Also, these tights enable you to show off the muscles that you have toned with your hard work. So you can buy a couple of pairs to make a style statement if nothing else.

Once your mind is settled on the fact that compression tights are good for your muscles then the next step is to make a suitable choice so your investment does not go in vain. The first consideration is to look for the right size for your compression tights. They are a couple of sizes smaller than common tights so they can serve the purpose of compression. So they should not be too small to cause cramps and not too big to lose the purpose. Comfort is the next important thing that one should look for while purchasing compression clothing. If you are not wearing a comfortable and flexible fabric during your exercise then it is inevitable that you will end up with scratches on your skin and soreness in your body.

Moreover, an athlete who is not comfortable in his attire cannot perform well. The type of fabric is another important factor to consider. All types of sportswear, particularly compression clothing should be made up of fabrics that have moisture-wicking properties. This quality in a fabric absorbs the sweat and dries it quickly so the fabric is neither wet nor heavy for wearers’ bodies. Breathability is also important for comfort as a breathable fabric enables the body to stay cool. Such fabric regulates the body temperature and keeps the body from getting overheated. If you want to get easy on your budget by purchasing one or two compression tights for your daily exercise then they should be easily washable so you can wash and dry them quickly for more use.

Custom compression clothing is emerging as a new trend. You can set your identity and your signature among the others in the gym by purchasing custom compression tights. You can customize them by having the quote from your favorite sportsman printed on them or you can have your name printed on them to set your signature. You can do it by reaching one of the many online platforms that not only sell quality custom compression tights but also do that without burning a hole in your pocket.


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