Points to Keep in Mind before Designing a Website in WordPress

Quite often when it comes to designing a website, confusion pops up with the choice of platform. While you are not the only one here, if you desire to have a website capable of qualifying the time test, in one word the best name to rely on is ‘WordPress’. But designing a website is not a walk in the park. You must get an accurate answer to all your buts and ifs before proceeding with the designing to make the process easy. Just like you, when I was thinking of developing my personal website, I was too confused. And the only answer I got after tons of research is using WordPress for website design.

Tips to Follow When Designing a WordPress Website

Your challenges won’t end even when you are done with the selection of your website platform. Here comes the designing part. There are few things which you should take care of when designing and building WordPress websites. In this article, you will be getting to learn about all the major points to consider for your WP website design.

1. Opt for the Premium Themes Instead of the Free Ones

Who doesn’t love getting things for free! Talking of me, when I began designing my WordPress website, I was so overjoyed to find so many themes for Free from this platform. But one thing that I wasn’t aware of was the problem and free stuff is kind of interrelated. The main issue that I faced with this free WordPress development services was code structure and functionality. On the contrary, Premiumm themes from professional WordPress theme designers come with an outstanding code quality and flexible structure. Additionally, you will also be getting a wide array of functions perfectly complimenting this amazing design.

2. Setting a Soothing but Attractive Color

Researchers have found that people get more attracted to websites that are colorful than the dull black and white ones. But selecting a vibrant color may not always be a good decision. A popular professional WordPress side designer suggests selecting a color complementing your business. Apart from the aesthetical importance, colors also play an important role in saving your time when retouching the overall website design.

3. Using the Best Font

Fonts play a very important role when it comes to website designing. Unfortunately I like it, many others were not aware of it. When the question of how to design a WordPress website pops up, one of the most important things you should take care of is using custom fonts. Although it takes a lot of time to set up custom fonts on any website. But a careful selection also reflects the personality of the business and makes it appear trustworthy. Not to forget, your website is definitely going to survive and excel the prevailing competition in the market.

4. The Importance of Speed Optimization

If you don’t pay attention to speed optimization when developing a web page, do not expect visitors to your website. Google estimates the average page loading time on a mobile is about 22 seconds. But it has also revealed that people tend to leave a site when it takes more than 5 seconds to load. So if you missed speed optimization while building a website in WordPress, it is time to rewind and fix it.

5. Never Attempt to Modify the Default Themes

Irrespective of the themes or frameworks you are using, do not try to modify the default WordPress themes. People who attempted to do so have failed badly. Instead, you can think of using the child themes. For budding WordPress theme designers, the child themes are highly recommended owing to their simplicity. This is because these themes allow you to change or add extra features to your present theme without the need of modifying the base files. Other than that, it also allows the designer to do alterations within the themes followed by the ease of updating it.

6. The Logo Matters

A logo stands up as your brand identity. It conveys the ideas and values of your brand. While there are tons of logo designers working for WordPress development services, it is suggested to opt for a designer capable of offering a logo that is unique, simple, scalable, readable and attractive.


Summing up how to build a site with WordPress, it needs to be mentioned that doing anything without adequate ideas about it can prove dangerous. To make sure your WordPress website stands out to be the best in the market, it is important to design one keeping the above tips in mind. For better designing and service, it is recommended to take help from a well acknowledged WordPress development services provider.


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