3 Ways to Keep Your Gaming PC from Overheating

Components of the PC are designed to take a lot of heat without getting damaged. However, you must not let the temperature become too high or your PC will slow down. So, if you experience the slowing down of your PC, you should understand that there’s too much heat in the PC. There are several ways to keep your gaming PC from overheating. Some of them will be discussed here.

1. AIO (All-In-One) Liquid Coolers:

AIO liquid coolers are the growing trend for cooling the PC as it is observed that water transfers heat much more effectively than air. Hence, using these AIO liquid coolers is one of the best ways to make the cooling better and prevent the PC from overheating.

These coolers work in the same manner as a car radiator. There is a pump at the top of the CPU that circulates a special kind of liquid. This liquid is a combination of distilled water and a thermally conductive fluid and it circulates around the soft tubing system and keeps the PC cool. Though it takes time to set up, ultimately it is very effective.

2. Air Cooling:

One of the ways of dissipating heat and keeping the CPU cool is air cooling. In this method, cooling fins are attached to the surface of the object which increases the surface area and improves the airflow over the object to provide better cooling. This method is fairly cheaper than liquid cooling and most of the PCs have this cooling system.

You can improve your existing air-cooling system through the following three ways in order to improve the cooling of your PC.

How to Improve the Cooling of your PC?

  • Upgrade CPU coolers: Your existing coolers that come with the CPU may not be very powerful to provide the required cooling. Therefore, you can upgrade to larger coolers with bigger heat sinks and fans. This would help in dissipating more amount of heat from your PC. It would be helpful if you are overclocking or VR. You should be careful while selecting the coolers as only getting the bigger one is not enough. You must take into consideration the design, the number of heat pipes, the quality and size of the fans.
  • Buy larger fans: You can improve the cooling by upgrading the fans in the CPU. For this, you first need to check the specifications of your PC in order to know how many fans you can mount, what should be their size, and where to place them. Using the larger fans will help in dispensing more heat with less noise as they run at lower RPM than the smaller fans.
  • Increase fan speed: You can set higher fan speeds than the default settings to improve the cooling. It may happen that due to default settings, your PC may be running the fans slow thus providing less cooling. You can use a program like Speed Fan to change the RPMs of the fans.

3. Heat Sinks:

Using heat sinks along with the CPU fan is the most common way of dissipating heat. The heat sink is a passive device with a large thermal capacity and large surface area. It transfers the heat away from the CPU into the fins; the heat is then dissipated. Thus it ends up cooling both the heat sink and the processor.

Heat sink keeps the CPU, GPU, some chipsets, and RAM modules cool. The efficiency of the heat sink can be improved by adding serrated fins. This would help in increasing the surface area and reducing the heat sink’s thermal resistance.

You can also improve the efficiency of the heat sink by using a material with higher thermal conductivity. Usually, aluminum is used as it costs less. But when it comes to higher levels of thermal conductivity, copper is used. In some cases, a combination of aluminum and copper is used where the fins are of aluminum and the base is of copper.

These points will not only help you in keeping your PC cool but also improve its performance by not letting it slow down. In addition to all this, you must take care of the environment you place your PC in. Make sure the place you put your PC is not crowded and there is enough room for airflow.

Plus, keep it away from windows and heat vents, clean the CPU fans regularly and keep the system’s case closed. Your PC will be running for a long time to come! Moreover, if you don’t have the best cooling system for your PC then take a look at some of the best coolers for i9 9900k which will surely be a game changer!


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