12 Reasons – Why to Choose AngularJS for Web Development in 2022

In the era of virtual presence, having a significant website with interactive UI and other features will help your business grow. In between various app development frameworks, clients who require an enterprise-level website prefer to select AngularJS. If you are one of them, you can hire Angular Developers to develop complex apps according to the requirements.

AngularJS is a JavaScript web development framework that is open-source and is more popular than other similar frameworks. Along with a strong structure, it aids developers with solving errors efficiently.

It was developed by Google and could simplify all front-end development forms. Indian programmers have excelled in solving complicated issues, especially in angular development. Let’s see what makes AngularJS a must choice for large-scale app development.

What is AngularJS?

To make front-end creation simpler, Google’s committed developers created AngularJS, a reliable JavaScript framework. Both developers and designers will find a lot of frameworks and plugins on the site.

Without AngularJS, it would be challenging to create a contemporary single-page application. It aids programmers in creating applications with the best manageable architecture.

AngularJS is also termed as one of the following big things in the web development market. It’s a quick and dependable JS framework that speeds up the app development process. In this article, you will learn twelve of the most critical factors that help developers to choose Angular over other technologies.

AngularJS: Features that Make It Worth Using

There are way too many unique factors that make AngularJS one of the hottest frameworks amongst clients and developers. Here are some of them:

The MVC Framework

The Model View Controller (MVC) framework of Angular makes this platform easy to use. Building a separate client-side application is made simpler by MVC. Even if the MVC components were created independently, you could mix them with AngularJS. To aggregate all the properties, no other code is required.


Simply changing the View is what Routing is. Single-page apps have everything on a single page. Developers would not want to route traffic to different views when clicking menus.

Developers want simultaneous content loading on the same page with a different URL.

This is how most sites work. Single Page Applications (SPAs) are popular on Chrome and Twitter. This strategy gives users a desktop app-like experience. With AngularJS, you can construct different views for different URLs. AngularJS lets you load the correct page view for a given URL.

Google Active Community for Help

It would help if you searched for solid community support whenever you wish to embrace a development framework. AngularJS also delivers in this regard.

Why? Google Maintains AngularJS

It is also accessible for download on GitHub and distributed under the MIT license.

Therefore, there are many communities where you’ll have your questions answered if you run into any maintenance problems or get lost someplace.

Additionally, the source is readily downloadable if you have any ideas for improvements.

Other factors like two-way binding, POJO model, HTML user interface etc… are the additional factors of why developers are towards Angular in recent times. Let’s now see the reasons why Angular is taking a hike.

12 Reasons to Use AngularJS Framework for Web Development

These are a few reasons out of numerous reasons regarding why Angular can be the best platform for your subsequent app development.

1. Support from Google

It will not be a lie to say that AngularJS belongs to Google. Google developed and has been maintaining Angular since 2009.

Google had already developed a thorough Web Toolkit. When the bulk of developers switched to using CSS3, HTML5, and JavaScript as their front-end and back-end languages, Google eventually created AngularJS. For both developers and designers, it provides a wide range of frameworks and plugins.

2. Bigger Community for your Help

Because AngularJS was developed by Google, the development community is quite supportive. There are many developers in our group who can address issues connected to front-end development.

It aids developers in locating solutions to problems they encounter during the course of their work. Additionally, this group sponsors conferences and hackathons. These conferences attract a large number of IT organizations who present recent innovations in the sector there.

3. Greater Flexibility in the Development of Applications

All of the pathways in AngularJs are free of capacity and can enable data filtration before reaching the display.

Depending on the functions performed, such as adding decimal places to a number, performing pagination and rotating a text string, they may vary from project to project.

Administrations, controllers, formats, and directives all use AngularJs’ channels. These updates can be handled creatively and without the usage of JavaScript by using an HTML table.

4. The Easy MVC Structure

The MVC architecture helps developers to create apps quickly and easily.

With this architecture, developers are now capable of making robust and interactive web apps with less effort because AngularJS makes automatic data synchronization.

Implementing MVC (Model, View, and Controller) makes it necessary for the developer to make the app component by component.

  1. Model (M) will support information
  2. View (V) handles how to display the information
  3. And Controller (C) connects the View and model both

5. Declarative Coding

Declarative coding generally means making patterns that are commonly accessible. It makes coding simple to read, lightweight and supportable. This code will also include the programming that gives the desired outcome.

6. Facility of HTML Directives

These instructions provide the required behavioral information to the code.

In cases where the built-in directives are challenging or unhelpful to the developer, they can work on creating their own HTML instructions.

Developers can focus more on creating logic by using directives, which makes them more productive. To improve the readability of the code, they can also be reused.

7. Single-Page Applications Support

Numerous SPA features are supported by AngularJS. It streamlines the creation and management of web forms for developers, resulting in beneficial effects.

Developers have more power than validation capabilities when using AngularJS in a single-page application. When a site uses questionnaires (form) in a situation, the FormController is in charge of recording their states.

Developers can alter the behavior of the HTML components in the user interface if they have access to this data. With this feature, developers can quickly complete the entire procedure.

8. The POJO Model

AngularJS follows a specific model called POJO. It means Plain Old JavaScript Object. Using it, developers don’t need extra getter and setter functionalities; it offers all quintessential JS functions for manipulating objects.

9. Built-In Testing Module

Without proper testing, the app development process is never complete. Testing is compulsory and is inevitable for critical apps or simple apps. To save time, AngularJS has an in-built unit testing function.

With the use of this setup, developers can get real-time information about their apps and also regarding the bugs.

10. Comparatively Less Coding

Coding is the consequence of perseverance and hard work. Because it expands its domain from JavaScript to HTML, AngularJS spares developers from having to make these efforts. Simple and flexible web design is the result of this.

11. Supports REST

With the ngResource and RESTful functionalities, AngularJS provides easy app development. It also saves time of the developers from writing long codes.

12. Superior Productivity

A clever and reliable framework is provided by AngularJS, saving developer’s time.

  1. Its IDEs are better. These customized IDEs enable the developers to track immediate problems, which speeds up the construction of websites.
  2. Developers using AngularJS have the freedom to create views that suit their needs. This is achievable because the UI may be made more quickly thanks to the number of templates provided by the framework.
  3. Common Line Interface, also called Angular CLI, enables developers to link components more rapidly and create apps more easily. Web creation becomes easy due to its speed.

Over to You

Ultimately, we hope these 12 reasons will clarify why AngularJS is trending as one of the best web development frameworks. Hiring Angular Developers will be an addition to the process of getting your project developed with ease.


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