Tips to Increase IELTS Score

What is IELTS?

International English Language Testing System is a test designed for people who migrate to nations with English as their primary language. The results are then scaled between 1 and 9. The test is taken by 2 different groups of people. IELTS Academic is taken by students whereas IELTS General Training is taken by people who migrate to work.

The exam contains different types of tasks like speaking and writing sections. And every section of the exam has different factors to evaluate.

Increasing IELTS Score

Increasing the IELTS is totally dependent on the person who takes the test. It is the applicant’s call either to be highly motivated for the exam and work hard with a proper strategy or simply prepare for the exam without an extensive plan.

Ways to Improve the IELTS Score

1. Working on Your Weakness

The exam revolves around Writing, Listening, Speaking, and Reading. You need to look into all the sections and evaluate the skills you are good at and skills you need to work on. It can be as minimal as minimizing spelling errors or learning the latest English terms. After concluding the weak section/s you need to build a strong strategy to prepare for it. If an applicant is getting 6.5 bands, he/she needs to work hard to score at least 7 bands.

2. Seeking Professional Help

Choosing the right mentor possessing expertise and experience for this exam will have a great impact on your preparations. Selecting an experienced and reliable teacher is one of the important steps in preparing for the exam.

3. Improvising Vocabulary

English is all about using the right word in the right place. In order to become a great speaker and writer, you need to work on your Vocabulary skills which are going to help you throughout the exam and even after that.

To ace this skill, you need to read a lot. While you engage more in reading, you’ll come across new words. Use a pen or highlighter to mark new word meanings so that you can revisit them in time of need.

4. Emphasizing on Reading

Engaging with English content either in the form of news, songs, movies etc… will make you more aware of terms and their correct usage. It is good to regularly practice new words during interactions; this will enhance your capability to speak words more fluently. Any term practiced more than 10 times becomes a part of your daily vocabulary.

5. Enhancing Pronunciation Skills

The pattern of the speaking section is divided into 3 sub-sections which are interviews and discussion. The applicant is asked to speak on a topic that is currently trending for about 5 minutes.

The candidates are asked to discuss a topic for 120 seconds and 60 seconds to prepare for it.

6. Enhancing Writing Skills

The words need to be spoken in order. Applicants should practice words by writing and pronouncing them aloud. In case of difficult words, try to learn them by relating them to memories.

7. Enhancing Listening Skills

This is a crucial part, so practice as much as you can. Listening to English movies, podcasts, documentaries etc… And then writing a summary of it can really help in improving your listening and writing skills.

8. Taking Mock Test

Take a mock test to evaluate your skills before the exam. It will let you know the weak areas and areas in which you excel. It will boost your confidence for the exams.

5 Benefits of IELTS

1. Enhances English Skills

The test evaluates the level of proficiency of the examinee. The test is designed in a way to test major 4 categories like reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills.

2. Develops English Knowledge

The test requires its examinee to be really knowledgeable about all aspects of English. Its aim is to form the examinee like a native English speaker.

3. Enormous Career Opportunities

The results of this test are considered all around the world. All public institutions, corporate sectors etc… Upraise the certifications received from the IELTS.

4. Accomplishes Future Goals

This test will motivate you to study more and experience world class facilities available around the world.

5. High Utility

The utility of the test is not only concerned with getting an admission in university but it will also help in Visa applications, job opportunities in Canada etc…


It is always a good option to have the guidance of a specialized mentor to avoid all mishaps in the process. And having guidance becomes more important when it comes to immigrating to Canada because it is going to define your future.


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