The World’s 8 Best Escape Rooms Worth Travelling For

The world of escape rooms has been gaining a huge customer base globally, thanks to its unique entertainment factor. Escape rooms are conceptualized and specially designed rooms where the players have to explore, solve clues, and escape the place within a given time period.

Whether it be a local escape room brand or a global chain, breakout escape rooms are the perfect place to have fun and learn something new. Escape rooms are a one-stop destination for growing through the process of playing games. They inculcate habits like teamwork, time-management, creative thinking, and more. These games are the perfect group entertainment, especially when you are traveling to a new place.

Top 8 Escape Rooms Worth

Are you an escape enthusiast who also loves to travel? Then this list is for you! Try out some of these escape rooms on your next trip:

1. The Laboratory Room, Netherlands

This escape room is offered by the brand Mama Bazooka.

Doctor Steiner has gone completely nuts. Can you and your team find out what Doctor Steiner went through?

  • Cost: $143.11/ team on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. $154.56/team on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays.
  • Team Size: 3-6 People
  • Minimum age required: Players above the age of 16 can play independently

2. The Man from Beyond, USA

This escape room is offered by the brand Strange Birds Immersive. This escape room will immerse your team into an adventure and immersive theatre. It has been ranked #1 Escape Room in the United States.

  • Cost: $220-$376/room, depending on the size of the team
  • Team Size: 4-8 guests
  • Time Duration: 75-100 minutes, including 60 minutes on the game clock

3. The Mad Landlord, Australia

This escape room is offered by the brand Para Park Escapes Rooms.

You are a thief who has been hired to steal a rare collection of valuables and medallions from an old collector. But soon, you discover the unhealthy obsession of the landlord. Will you be able to escape the room with the treasure, or will you get caught?

  • Cost: $100-$302 per team, depending on the size of the team
  • Team Size: 2-8 guests
  • Time Duration: 75 minutes
  • Difficulty level: Hard

4. Room 2217 in Store, San Jose

This escape room focuses on delivering high-quality storytelling and an immersive experience. They specialize in game design, game research, puzzle props manufacturing, and retail operation. An anonymous letter has come with the news of the disappearance of your fiancé. Will you be able to save her and uncover the truth behind her disappearance?

  • Cost: $50-$37/person depending on the size of the team
  • Team Size: 2-6 guests
  • Time Duration: 75 minutes

5. Enigma, Prague

You and your team are on a solitary mission to steal the submarine plans from the enemy headquarters. This escape room is offered by escape brand Mind Maze. To get inside faster, you let the team get arrested. The interrogation will start in 60 minutes, till then, can you find the escape?

  • Cost: $60.59 for 2 persons and $74.68 for 3-5 persons
  • Team size: 2-5 Players
  • Time Duration: 60 Minutes

6. Crush Depth, Boston

Trapology Boston brings to the ultimate escape room of revenge. You are accused of the demise of the former captain by his ghost. You and your team have to bring the submarine back to sea levels to avoid any similar fate.

  • Cost: $45-$38/person, depending on the size of the team
  • Team Size: 2-8 Players
  • Difficulty Level: Wicked Hard

7. The Order of the 9, South Africa

This escape room brand is offered by Mind game Escape. The Order of 9 refers to the 9 assassins who were responsible for some of the grisliest deaths in the country. For over 100 years, this deadly organization has managed to hide the dealing under the radar.

You and your team and the truth-seekers who are set on a mission to discover the shocking secrets and hideaway the order of the 9.

The 9 will perform their secret rituals at a secret location. Will you be able to discover the truth before another death cast?

  • Cost: $16.31-$13.20/person depending on the size of the team
  • Group Size: 2-6 guests
  • Time Duration: 60 minutes
  • Difficulty level: Hard
  • Minimum age required to play: Players from 8-16 age need to be accompanied by an adult to play the game. Players above the age of 16 can play independently

8. Conundrum Museum, US

This escape room is offered by Boxaroo. You and your friends have taken a trip to the museum, but things go haywire there. Now, all of you are being accused as the culprits. As the world’s most renowned detectives in training, will you be able to solve the mystery and clear your names?

  • Cost: $32-$40/person depending on the size of the team
  • Group Size: 2-10 Players
  • Time duration: 60 Minutes

Escape rooms are a great way to interact with the local culture and lifestyle of a new place you visit. Thanks to the growing popularity of the activity, now almost every corner of the world has at least one escape room brand to keep you entertained. If you get a chance to try them out, don’t hesitate! It will definitely be an adventure of a lifetime.


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