Quick Glance at the Features of Constantly Updating CMS Service

WordPress is a very popularly used CMS platform and it’s been delivering great value to developers and businesses by helping them improve business processes and generate better brand awareness. This is the reason why people have huge expectations whenever a new WordPress version is launched. Sometimes these versions meet expectations, at other times, they exceed expectations.

WordPress is constantly updating its version with new features, and as can be imagined, developers, designers, industry experts, and businesses expect a lot from it.

So, let’s take a quick glance at its most updating features and see whether it’s delivered on these expectations or not.

The WordPress makes one thing clear right from the start; it is not about the front end so much as it is about the backend. The focus of the new release is on improving the backend of this platform that comes in for a lot of criticism from demanding developers. We offer excellent and precise WordPress Product Data Entry services and upload the product information on the sites. Something else that you must know is that the new version is the company’s first release built using the new plugin-first development process.

Big Changes

Every new release of a popular platform usually has some big improvements in store for users and the every new version of wordpress is no different. Users can experience major improvements in three critical areas namely Updates, Passwords, and Support. These are essentially the three areas that were always seen as the bugbear of WordPress.

So, let’s take a closer look at the big changes that have taken place in these areas:

Automatic Updates for Minor Releases

Remember those irritating maintenance and security updates that had to keep track of and download when available so they won’t nag you anymore because WordPress sites can now automatically apply updates for minor releases. These will be updated in the background via SSL, but remember the keyword here is ‘minor’ and not ‘primary’ releases. What’s more, the process of updates has become more secure than it ever was. That’s another weight off your shoulders.

Password Meter Update

WordPress will now make better password recommendations by recommending complex, long and unique passwords. The password meter on any new version of WordPress, can recognize the mistakes that lead to the creation of weaker passwords. So, it can identify keyboard patterns, and even pop culture references to ensure nobody gets into the site because they could crack your password. Coupled with the Login Lockdown, you will now have a more secure WordPress site on your hands.

Better Support

If you’ve always wanted your WordPress website translated in Spanish, but have been avoiding it, for lack of global support, the new update in WordPress, ensures quick and complete translations for the local version of your WordPress site. So, go ahead and target your website’s Spanish audience and also support social media by Social Media Plugins for WordPress.

Just these three or is there something else? These three are big improvements in the updated version of WordPress, but there are other features that it brings to the table as well.

Better Search Functionality

The all new release has improved the WordPress Search Functionality. While earlier search results were based on the date, now search results will be more relevant to the phrase that you’ve entered. The new hierarchy of search results ensures that the ranking for the search results will be based on finding the closest match to the full sentence or the phrase that has been entered by the user. The idea is to get rid of less-relevant listings and focus on offering users much improved and relevant search results.

Advanced Date Queries

With this feature, a developer can now look for posts written on a specific day, before or after a particular date, written on a particular day or recent posts made between specific time frames.

Multi-site Function

The new version enables developers to retrieve a list of all sites in a WordPress multisite network with wp_get_sites () function. Developers, who were tired of using direct database queries, will appreciate this new feature.

Apart from these there are several miscellaneous updates that this version brings to the table. The platform is now more accessible than ever and the in-system document as well as the codex has improved by a long way. And yes, it’s also got rid of plenty of bugs that were affecting its functionality.

So, What’s the Verdict – Good or Bad?

Updated versions, is definitely an improvement on the older version of WordPress and it brought in plenty of improvements that were really needed by developers. WordPress as a platform is being given stiff competition by its competitors like Drupal and Joomla! There is no doubt that this release gives developers still in two minds about using WordPress, more reasons to use this platform.

Currently version 3.8 is coming out, so are we looking at a faster release cycle for WordPress updates? Will we see a new version of WordPress releasing before the year’s out. Let’s wait and watch. We are in for some good times, either way.


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