10 Features Your Real Estate Mobile App Must Have

When you look 10 years ago, you will find mobile was not an important part of your day-to-day life.

But today not a single person who does not use mobile, as we all know mobile was just for talk in initially, the time has changed, now mobile comes with several applications that make our work easy.

A real estate mobile app is one of them that help to buy or sell new and old property, 95% of people search for property online or with the help of a real estate mobile app.

The main purpose of assembling a real estate app is to capture users’ attention and simplify the purchasing or selling process and for that you need help from the real estate app development company.

Of course, you don’t want to create just useless real estate software for the app stores. As a result, it’s crucial to monitor the most recent features and trends and include them in your app.

Do you want to develop an ideal real estate mobile app? then your app must have ten features in it.

1. Registration Should Be Easy

Every app starts with the registration procedure, which should be clear enough for anyone to conclude.

Adorable design, easily available text input fields, and well-kept organizations are all required.

2. Sign Up / Login Page

The login page is the second item that every user searches for on your app after successfully registering. They are unable to use the app at all without logging in. As a result, you may start your application process and allow them to use it without any problem by combining the login page. For the comfort of app users, social network logins can be combined.

The most essential part of real estate software is user on boarding, which must be as clear as possible.

There are three options for doing so:

  1. Via social media
  2. Via e-mail 
  3. Via phone no.

3. Listings and Database

Property listing is important for the real estate app. You have to show the list of available properties with complete details in the listings. Users who want to rent or sell their property should be able to add their listing without any problem.

You need a big database since the property listing will help you to grow more. There will be more users, and hence, more listings in the future, so make sure that the database or servers are capable enough to support the scale-up operations. A robust database is highly important for any real estate app.

4. Property Profile

These profiles include a large amount of information about the property, such as details, photos, videos, rich media, price, value propositions, neighborhood information, owner details and so on.

More than 80% of the users decide they are interested or not to buy the property after seeing pictures and videos. In addition, you might also need to include the contact details of the property owner or the agent in the profiles.

5. Property Cost Calculator

The price calculator is useful for your real estate app, you can ask your developer to add this feature to your app. It will help users to calculate the cost of the property.

Make sure that the calculator is detailed enough. It should allow users to calculate the final payment based on different factors such as initial price range, taxation, loan interest amount, and loan refund schedule.

In your app, you should give an option to the user that can select, shortlist and save their favorite properties. It helps them to purchase their desired property. Users can access their favorite properties along with all the details in their profiles.

7. Maps

Do you even think without knowing the address of any property people will go to buy or sell property from your app?

A real estate app simply wouldn’t be possible without this ability. Including maps in the app can help you give consumers tons of useful information.

You can display data and statistics about the chosen properties in addition to the locations of the properties. On government websites, you can receive geographic details like the corruption rate, infrastructure, surrounding schools, average income, and the likelihood of natural disasters.

You may get this data from public records and display it on a map in your app with the help of a real estate app development company.

8. Call or Direct Messaging

Giving users complete information about the property is just one part. If you want to sell the property then you have to take users to the next level by adding the call or direct messaging feature.

There are many ways you can connect buyers to the agent:

  1. Immediate call
  2. Call-back possibility
  3. Online chitchat
  4. Book a conference

If you want to get further information then you can call directly and ask about your favorite property.

9. Virtual Tour

A virtual tour or 3D walk-through is a simple way to give buyers a real-time feel of the home they want to buy. According to the data or survey, 70% of first-time home buyers trust that a 3D virtual tour of the for-sale homes is as important as an open house.

Of course, photos and videos are still an important part of the listing, but virtual tours give an interactive platform where users can see the property from every angle without wasting time here and there to search property physically.

10. Analytics

One of the most important parts of any mobile application is analytics. You should be aware of how your app’s end users are interacting with it whether you want to create a real estate marketplace where users can purchase, sell, or rent their homes or just an exclusive app for your company.

Analytics can help you understand how well your app is working and what needs to be changed to make it work better. You can learn useful details about users and their in-app activity, such as how long they spend on a given screen.

You could select a better app with the aid of this information, you can segment your users based on their behavior and include them in various marketing campaigns as necessary to maximize the value of your data.


In this article, we mention all features that must be a part of a real estate app.

At this time every field have full of tough competition if you want to stay in this race or game then you have to think differently.

You can develop your real estate mobile app which will help you to lead this competitive world but for this, you need a reliable or experienced company that provides the best service and solution for your real estate mobile app.

I suggest you JPloft Solutions Company because they have a 97%+ client satisfaction rate, an experienced team, reduce 80% development cost, quick team ramp-up & no contract lock-ins, use latest technologies, and strict non-disclosure agreements.


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