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  • June 21, 2021 6:30 pm local time


Inspired by Godham Mahatirth, Pathmeda. Manorma bringing back the lost traditional importance of Ghee in the utmost pure way. Manorma's focus-is on nurturing and treating Cows well for the great religious significance they hold and their priceless properties. Indian Desi Cow's Ghee considered not only the Storehouse of Nutrients but the Golden Elixir for holistic health. The western culture also adopted the tradition of India considering Ghee as the therapeutic medicine. Manorma promotes more consumption of Desi Cow's Ghee as this will help the Cows to have a Safe Shelter. The more we consume, the more we will rear Cows and the sooner everyone will value the lost and fading importance of Desi Cows.

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