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Stop Shoplifting with Detect Tag Safety’s EAS Systems

Now ensure the safety of your retail business (whether you run a shop or book store or others) when you are just pissed off handling the shoplifting events in your store. Yes, we Detect Tag Safety are the one and only service provider to offer quality and latest technology molded EAS products to the retail stores of Kolkata as well as India. We have brought the solution to reduce rather abolish the shoplifting or shrinkage from your shop or library or office building. EAS system or electronic article surveillance system we offer to our clients,

·         EAS system sellers

·         Anti theft system for retailers

·         Anti shoplifting system for shops, malls,

·         Security gate sellers

·         Sensor gate sellers

·         RF Hard tag sellers

·         Library RFID

·         Barcode Printer Sellers

·         Barcode Scanner Sellers

·         Profile Creation

So, if you need one of the security systems mentioned-above then please give us a call. We will help you certainly with affordable price policy.

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