How Zam Zam Water Can Heal Your Health?

The well of Zam Zam is the oldest in history, about five thousand years have passed since it sprouted. It contains the best water that exists on earth and is the purest, as demonstrated by laboratory tests. It removes hunger and is a cure for diseases. Not to mention that it is in the most sacred and blessed place in the world.

Let us find some more information about Zam Zam water and its benefits for health.

The well of Zam Zam, flown in the arid valley of Mecca, was a blessing and miracle granted by Allah to His Prophet Ishmael and his mother, peace be upon them, and all the inhabitants of the valley and its visitors. If it were not for this well, the city of Mecca would not have existed.

Zam Zam is only a few meters from the Kaaba, approximately 21, due to the number of people who eventually began to arrive in Mecca to perform the rites of Umrah and Al-Hajj, urged to make some changes so that people could do At-Tawaf and not go over the well. Some tour operators also offer Zam Zam water while booking Hajj packages from there.

Today it is below the level of the Kaaba, and whoever wants to drink from its water, there is a system of faucets and thermos distributed throughout the mosque.

Why is Water Necessary for Our Body?

The body needs water to survive and consume it when we wake up, it helps us enjoy good health. Water is one of the most important elements that make up our body: 90% of the brain, 83% of our blood, 75% of the muscles are formed of water.

Knowing precisely the exact percentages it is undeniable that the human being needs to consume water daily to enjoy good health. The healthy habit of drinking up to four glasses of water on an empty stomach when we get up, an hour before breakfast has great healing power.

The 8 Benefits of Drinking Zam Zam Water On an Empty Stomach

  1. Promotes the proper functioning of the brain. When we are adequately hydrated, the brain cells receive oxygenated blood and the brain is alert.
  2. It facilitates the elimination of waste or waste substances from the cells produced in the metabolic processes, allowing an adequate cellular chemical.
  3. Improves the gastrointestinal system. Water is necessary for the dissolution of nutrients so that they can be absorbed by the blood and transported too.
  4. It helps control blood pressure and keeps it within healthy limits.
  5. Contributes to improve the functioning of the kidneys and eliminate unnecessary waste and nutrients through the urine. Person adequately hydrated filters approximately 180 litres of fluids each day.
  6. Guarantees optimal functioning of the muscles and good physical performance. Between 70 and 75% of the muscle is composed of water.
  7. Helps preserve elasticity, softness and skin colour.
  8. Contributes to prevent the development of infectious and allergic processes.

How to Consume Water?

We know that it is very important to drink water daily, what you may not know is the way we should drink it and the right amount during the day. Health experts recommend drinking two litres of water daily. Also, they point out that it is very healthy to drink four glasses of water before the first food.

To be able to do the process you don’t need to drink the 4 glasses at once, take your time between each glass. If you do not feel the ability to drink all the glasses indicated on an empty stomach, start drinking one or two and as the days go by, add one until you can drink all four. Try to consume high-quality water, free of lime, fluorine or other substances.

Information by Essa. She is marketing manager at Al Haramain Tours Ltd which is the cheapest Hajj and Umrah packages provider in the UK.

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