5 Reasons Why Need a Mobile App for Business

Every business must have a website in today’s world. Additionally, those sites also have to be mobile-friendly, since the vast majority of people access the internet via their mobile devices. Taking this to the next logical step, many businesses are developing apps that users can download to their phones. In doing this, you can make your business infinitely more accessible.

1. Boost Visibility

Simply having your business’ app on their phone increases the likelihood that a consumer will use the app and buy from your business. Unless they have an application on their phone that they regularly see, they may not consciously think about your business except in rare circumstances. However, as they scroll through the apps on their phone and see an app with your business’ name and logo, they’re more likely to think about the products or services you sell. In this way, the app offers an additional way to passively market your business.

2. Market Directly to Your Customers

Once a consumer downloads an app to their phone, they will begin receiving push notifications that are sent out by the app. You can use this feature to notify customers of new sales, contests, or other events. The push notifications can also be used to simply remind consumers to stop by your business to check out new merchandise. Any marketing strategy can be made more effective by alerting customers to it via their mobile app. When your app also features an eCommerce store, you can send out a notification that directly links to the product page. This will channel business directly to your store in a way that’s especially convenient for your customers.

3. Keep Customer Accounts Updated in Real-Time

If you’re not particularly tech-savvy and don’t know how to build a mobile app, you can find services online to suit most budgets. Another reason to consider this option is that it will help your customers keep their accounts up to date. If you offer a rewards program or host contests and sweepstakes, this can help your customers track their participation in those programs. The app can provide complete management of a rewards program, allowing customers to track points and claim rewards all in one place.

4. Enhance Customer Service

One of the things the development of social media has shown us is that consumers are more loyal to brands with which they can develop relationships. The key to forging a relationship with consumers is to provide a means of mutual communication. There may not be any better way of doing this than through a mobile app that offers options for contacting a customer service representative. An app that allows a customer the option of texting a message to the business makes it easier for them to communicate their problems and speeds up the process of receiving a reply. Businesses with mobile apps have higher customer service ratings than those without apps.

5. Grow Your Brand

Even though interest in mobile apps is growing, it’s still rare for most businesses to offer their own apps. This leads consumers to infer that a business with an app is a growing and popular brand, which will encourage them to learn more about your business. As they see your app on their friend’s phones or come across the app in an app store, they will be more curious to check it out. This type of word of mouth combined with the repetitious marketing that comes with seeing your app on multiple mobile devices will raise interest in your business. Over time, the app can make your brand recognizable in a global market.

Soon, it will be rare to find a national brand that doesn’t have a mobile app. Even a small business can enjoy the benefits mentioned here by offering its customers an app that they can keep on their phones. Once you introduce your business’ app, you’ll enjoy an increase in customer interaction that will help your business grow on a local or national level.


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