12 Basic Wardrobe Essentials – For Rocking Fashion Game

Ever happened to you own a wardrobe full of clothes but still run out of clothes? It usually happens with every one of us because we just stock clothes without thinking if these clothes are good staples to be added to our wardrobe collection. Having no good wardrobe staples can make you run out of clothes and style obviously because having a new dress for every day is quite impossible so we have to repeat our clothes by blending them with different clothes and accessories every time.

As the season changes, we stock up on clothes and then at the end of every year’s end we all just want to throw away our old clothes and want to buy stuff. Neither is this a good way to spend your money nor is it a sustainable option to shop a whole new wardrobe collection every year. Instead of this, try to add good and versatile staples to your wardrobe. Having good staples can never make you run out of style. No matter wherever you go or what season is going on, you are always stocked up with versatile pieces that can rock your fashion game.

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1. Jeans

The most loved clothing that we all love to wear daily, Jeans! This piece of clothing is everyone’s favorite. But having the right jeans is a real task. What if you buy jeans for yourself and after some time it loses its comfort and style, and also becomes out of trend? Instead of buying new jeans so often is just a waste of money. Play smart and stock the right jeans from reputable brands like Levi’s, Wrangler, Calvin Klein, or others. These branded jeans are highly versatile and can rock every outfit that you pair with them. These jeans never run out of fashion and style as well as being highly comfortable. A pair of straight-leg and skinny jeans from these brands are the best staples to have in your wardrobe.

2. White Shoes

A pair of white shoes always helps you to nail the whole look. What’s better than sneaking out with style but in comfortable wear? Always have a pair of white trainers in your wardrobe so you can have any formal or casual look. Its good to have different colors and options for footwear but having a pair of white shoes is a must. A pair of white shoes from a reputable brand like Nike is the best staple to add to your collection.

3. Blazers & Jackets

Blazers are just great of all the staples. You should own at least one blazer if you don’t have any. Blazers and Jackets can really work for you despite any season. The jackets and blazers always give a classy look. For summer you can wear them with a simple t-shirt and for the cold time of year, pair them with warm layerings.

4. Handbags

Having a statement handbag helps you to elevate the optimal fashion appeal. No matter whether you wear a heavy glittery dress or dressed up casually with a simple tee and denim, a handbag is a must to carry to complete your look. Good handbags like Top-Handle Bags, Totes, Crossbodies, & Clutches can complement your whole outfit and look. A simple outfit can with a statement bag can loud your style. Deciding the size of the bag is completely your choice or according to the essentials that you carry every day. You can also search for styling ideas so you can pair the correct handbag according to your outfit. For daily use, a crossbody bag is also a good option as it is easy to carry and has enough space to carry the essentials like a wallet, keys, makeup, Air Pods, and others.

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5. Statement Accessories

Always pair your outfit with a statement piece of accessories like scarves, sunglasses, and jewelry. Accessories are very important for elevating the look as a good accessory can be able to seek attention and can turn heads on you. Like you can use scarves around your neck or can do your hair with them, wearing sunglasses can let you lose the fashion game, while jewelry always seeks attention and complement the whole look.

6. Simple T-Shirts

Keep it simple and comfortable with t-shirts. Pull off a more casual look with elegance and style by pairing an oversized white t-shirt. Stock up your wardrobe with lots of t-shirts as these can be paired with jeans, skirts, shorts, pants, leggings, and more. T-shirts can easily fall and can blend easily with any other pieces of cloth. Having basic white and black colors are good to go with all but try to add the color ones also to pull off the vibrant and funky look.

7. Leather Pants

For a sleek and tall silhouette, leather pants are best to have. These are the most essential to have in your wardrobe. Whether you are heading to the office, going to a party, walking on the high street, or partying hard at a club, leather pants are the best to rock your style in every way. With just the perfect amount of stretch you can elevate your sleek look while you can sit all comfortably in them. By pairing it with different top pieces you can pull off a new and unique look each time your wear it.

8. Oversized Sweatshirts

Styling an oversized sweatshirt can make your fashion appeal stronger. It all depends on you how you can style it. Wearing an oversized sweatshirt keeps you all comfortable while perfectly elevating the chic look. You can wear a long and loose sweatshirt with shorts, denim, pants, leggings, and a good pair of shoes to add a lot more charm to your whole look. You can also steal the lights by skipping the bottom piece and wearing a sweatshirt as a dress. Style your sweatshirt as a dress for a more appealing street wear look while with shorts you can pull off the classy look.

9. Heels

A pair of good-quality heels is a must to have in your closet for pulling the daily office look as well as rocking the party look. Heels can turn any outfit into a high-fashion ensemble. Heels not just add inches to your height but also straighten your posture giving more poise vibes and making the right silhouette. Heels come in different types and sizes. Just pick the one that you feel comfortable walking in. Just search out the ways to walk properly in heels and rock your footwear game.

10. Shorts & Skirts

Sometimes the mood is not to wear denim or leggings, especially in summer. Having shorts and skirts are so reliable in hot weather. These are highly versatile and can be worn anywhere with anything. From office look to high street look, skirts are best as it gives you a funky yet elegant look. While shorts are more reliable for classy looks. Pairing them with the right top pieces and accessories is the main task. You can search for the shorts and skirt styling ideas to style yourself best in shorts.

11. White Tank Top

An all-time favorite staple of every style insider is a classic white tank top. No matter what you wear like denim, floral skirt, shorts, leggings, PJs, or others you can pair it all with a simple white tank. Whenever you don’t have that much energy to style your look just go with a white tank. You can also layer it with a good blazer to pull off a classier and more formal look.

12. Knit Dresses

Style your elegant look effortlessly with the knit dresses. These are the easiest pull staples for your fall wardrobe collection. The knit dresses are highly comfortable, soft, and extremely cozy that gives a sweater-like appearance but making you look sleek and polished. By pairing it with sneakers you can make your office look classier and keep yourself comfortable and relaxed throughout the day while pairing it with a pair of knee-high boots you can grab the spotlight on an evening dinner. A trench coat and a leather jacket both are also good options to pair with knit dresses.

To conclude, just try to stock your wardrobe with staples that can never go out of fashion and can be worn during any season. Having basic staples can help to elevate the formal as well as a casual look. All these staples are a must to have in your wardrobe collection for stealing the chic look.


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