What is the Self-Harm Mental Disorder?

Generally, we get news like someone has committed suicide, and later on, it is said that he/she has done that because of depression or any mental issues. Yes, it is right. Our might is literally the best gift of God and the moment it stops working properly, life becomes a mess. Self-harm is one of the causes that people do if their mental state is not fine.

Moreover, the way modern lifestyle has captured the world, the problem is majorly seen in youths who get frustrated or demoralised. Sometimes people who expect a lot, take such steps on failure. We always recommend people not to take too much tension even when failure comes because life is all about failure and joy.

If we talk about Self-Harm, there are various steps that people take to hurt themselves. It involves:

  1. Burning
  2. Hair Pulling and Head Banging
  3. Bone breaking
  4. Try to hang
  5. Vein Cutting

They just want to finish their life because they think, nothing is left in life for them. If you are also seeing someone doing such activities, immediately ask them to consult with a counsellor because ignoring them will show you some serious consequences. People of Worth Blackburn counselling services can help in such kinds of situations with psychotherapy.

Why do People Involve in Self-Harm?

As we have already said, life is full of lots of uncertainty. Lots of people are there who are not able to digest their failure. These failures can be in any form like domestic violence, feeling cheated, losing a special one etc… Sometimes women take the step of suicide because of their cruel family members whereas there are many youths who have committed suicide because of being in a cheater relationship. There are a number of reasons that disturb the mind of an individual. Also, if we say, they are forced to take such steps, we will not be wrong because they only see negative things in their surroundings. Further, they lose hope of living and they just want to finish their lives. They think, after that everything will be fine, which is of course, not true. We all have our loved ones who are always with us. Hence, those who feel such issues should get in touch with a great counsellor like People of Worth.

6 Common Symptoms of Self-Harm

  1. The victim always says negative things
  2. The victim frequently tries to finish his/her life
  3. The victim will try to burn himself/herself
  4. The victim will scratch his/her head always
  5. The victim presses his/her eyes
  6. The victim bites his/her fingers

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