provides the online football pool software for the purposes of private entertainment only. does not promote the conduct of illegal or professional gambling, and will not condone the use of its web site for any such purpose. Whilst sports betting is legal in several countries (e.g. UK, Australia) and well serviced by bookmakers with apps like this,if your pool costs money. Many apps like it are also available on the mobile app, Bookie Boost – on iOS and Android. It’s basically a betting hub with useful tools to centralise your betting needs. If your pool costs money to join and awards prizes, it may be considered illegal gambling in some jurisdictions. It is your responsibility to determine that your pool is legal in the jurisdictions of every participant. If your pool is not legal for every participant, then you may not use to host your pool. BY CREATING A FOOTBALL POOL ON THIS WEBSITE, YOU ACKNOWLEDGE THAT Y0UR POOL IS LEGAL FOR EVERY PARTICIPANT IN EVERY JURISDICTION THEY PARTICIPATE FROM.

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